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Victoria Tunewriter III in Paprika

  • $130.86

- 7-in-1 USB recordable audio player- Record to your computer (PC /Mac) from all audio sources via USB connection- Record to cassette tape from vinyl records, CDs & AUX-IN audio sources- Full-sized 3-Speed (33, 45, 78rpm) turntable- Play & record from vinyl records to computer via USB- Automatic tone arm return at end of album play- Cassette player- Full-function, front loading cassette player- Play & record from cassette tape to computer via USB- Record to cassette tape from other audio sources- CD Player- Front loading programmable CD player- Play & record from CD to Computer via USB- AUX-IN- Play & record from 3.5mm AUX-IN to computer via USB- AM, FM Stereo- Connect audio devices or external powered speakers- Stereo full-range speakers- 2-digit LCD display- Headphone jack- Paprika wood style cabinetGDITW3USB

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