Portable MP4 Lossless Sound Music Player FM Recorder Walkman Player Mini Support Music, Radio, Recording, MP3, TF Card

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Portable MP4 Lossless Sound Music Player FM Recorder Walkman Player Mini Support Music, Radio, Recording, MP3, TF Card

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Product Description
1. 1.8 inch TFT display.
2. AMV movie function, watch small movies.
3. Use AMV format MP4, the same capacity, but store AMV format movie is about seven times that of MTV format movie.
4. Support multiple music formats: MP3, WMA, WMV, WAV, etc.
5. Support song lyrics display.
6. Full-band FM stereo radio.
7. Electronic photo album / JPEG picture browsing function, watching electronic novels.
8. Graphical interface operation and corresponding text display make it easy to use.
9. Built-in microphone.
10. Convenient language learning function, real digital repeating equipment, can repeat and follow.
11. Seven tone equalizers: natural, rock, pop, classical, soft, jazz, and bass.
12. Simultaneous display of song names and lyrics in simplified Chinese and English.
13. Power off memory function.
14. With breakpoint resume function.
15. Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP Among them, 2000 / XP requires no driver, plug and play. Built-in lithium battery, no need to buy
a battery, lithium battery can be used more than 1000 times repeatedly, with power protection, save power, protected by charging,
automatic stop when full, save more power
16. Normal mode / single loop / list play / list loop / full loop / fragment loop / random play / intro play supports MP4 players
with many play modes
17. Product size: 90x40x9mm.

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