TOPROAD Portable Column Bluetooth Speaker Receiver Parlantes 3D Surround Subwoofer HIFI Soundbar Boombox


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* Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 3.0+EDR compliant,suport HSP,HFP,A2DP,AVRCP,English language notification sound,Bluetooth pair name is soundbar lp-08.

* Turn on the speaker,then the bluetooth Blue LED Light on,and there is Notification sound"Enter the Bluetooth".

* Bluetooth LED Light flash by 100ms speed,use your smartphone search"soundbar lp-08" name,then connect & pairing it.If need password,then enter "0000" after connecting successfully ,the notification sound will inform you "connection successful".When play music by Bluetooth,the LED Light flash slowly by a 1000ms speed.Smartphone pair this machine again,it will connect actomatically.
* When play music,there is calling income,then you can hear both sides voice from the speaker.

* When you disconnect the bluetooth,there is notification sound indicate"Disconnect" and the speaker will enter into detective mode.

* Rotate the volume Knob to make the volume UP&Down.

* Support playing MP3 songs stored in the TF card





Output power: 5W*2

Unite Sixe: 40mm x 2

Impedance: 4ohm

Battery Capacity: 3.7v 1800mAh

Power Supply: DC5V

Frequency Response: 100Hz~18KHz

Size: 400*55*53mm

Weight: 565g




Package list :  



1 x Bluetooth Speaker

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Audio Cable

1 x Manual

1 x Retail Box(Sometimes the retail box may be changed)


Notes: The retailx box will send in ramdon




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