2pcs A2DP Wireless Bluetooth Dongle Adapter Reciever 3.5mm HiFi Stereo Audio New

  • $49.99

Description:This is a bluetooth 3.5mm stereo audio dongle transmission adapter. It enable you to enjoy music and voice in the Bluetooth-enabled multimedia or music player wirelessly with a companion Bluetooth Stereo headset, and use with any multimedia player, such as mobile withiphone, Samsung, HTC, ipad, hifi, ipod, TV etc.Features: 100% Brand New. Size : 60 x 25 x 9 mm Color : Black Audio Interface: 3.5mm/0.14in Distance : appro 12-15 m Bluetooth 1.2 specification compliant Robust performance, accurate and sensible search of device in range Single button for easy control Plug and play Passward: 0000 Version: Bluetooth 3.0 Supported Profile: A2DP, AVRCP Power supply: 5V DC, 100~240V AC adapter Charging Time: 2 hours Listen time: Up to 6-8 hours Standby time: Up to 70 hours For: iphone, Samsung, ipad, HiFi, ipod, TV.How to use: Add Bluetooth functions to your devices --- Plug the Bluetooth audio adapter into any devices with 3.5mm audio port, such as iphone,Samsung,HTC,ipad,hifi ipod,TV etc. Power On/Off and Pairing: Power On --- Press and hold the bluetooth button for 3 seconds until the blue LED flash quickly for 3 times. Power Off --- Press and hold the bluetooth button for 3 seconds until the red LED flash quickly for 3 times. Pairing --- While the bluetooth audio adapter is power off, press and hold the button for 6 second until the red and blue LEDS flash alternatives. The Bluetooth audio adapter will now be in Paring mode. Connection: Start scanning to find the device with Bluetooth audio adapter. Select the Bluetooth audio adapter from the list and enter the pass code "0000" You can enjoy the wireless moment Now!Important Notice: This device is a Bluetooth music receiver. Streaming Music from your audio devices. Not use for answering phones. This is a Bluetooth music receiver, not a Bluetooth transmitter. It can add Bluetooth transmitting function to your electronic devices, and help to transmit audio to your Bluetooth headphones; Pair to Non-Bluetooth audio source in order to add Bluetooth ability. You must connect it to a Bluetooth Stereo headset. Control lay/pause forwards and backwards on the original device, not the headset. This is not a Bluetooth transmitter could only use a Bluetooth Stereo Headset as a receiver.Package Content: 2 x Universal 3.5mm Bluetooth Stereo Audio Dongle Adapter Reciever 2 x USB Cable